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Fraud Awareness Program

Enroll in our free Fraud Awareness Program to receive email or SMS alerts for real time fraud information.  Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union membership is required.  Just another great reason to join our credit union.  You Belong With Us.

Why Join?

Fraud education and awareness is extremely important in today’s digital world due to the reliance on technology and the internet for financial transactions, communications and personal information sharing.   Getting regular and current information is the key to safeguarding your finances.

Fraud Awareness Program Benefits

  • The service is FREE and limited to NSFCU members only.
  • Get real time alerts for new fraud threats.
  • Receive monthly educational information.
  • The information provided is up to date and current.
  • Choose delivery between email or SMS messages (or both).

IF You are not a Nutmeg State member join us today to enroll in the program and get all the benefits of being a credit union member.  If you are a member fill out the form below to enroll.

Nutmeg State Member Enrollment

Nutmeg State membership is required for this service. Please fill out this form to join. Required fields are needed to verify your membership. We will automatically enroll you if your membership can be verified. The Fraud Awareness Program is a free subscription service that provides emails and/or SMS messages containing up to date information on fraud awareness and alerts for new threats and vulnerabilities to your finances and identity. Your information will not be used for marketing Nutmeg State products and services. You may opt out at any time.

*Include phone number to receive real time fraud alerts and information. Message and data rates may apply depending on your carrier plan.