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Join Your Neighbors, and Be a Part of Nutmeg State

Every account holder is a member. When you become a part of Nutmeg State, you don’t just gain access to low fees and better rates, you also keep your money in the community, where it can have the most positive impact.

Who Are Our Members? The People You See Everyday

With 10 locations throughout Connecticut and anywhere, anytime banking online, Nutmeg State members are everywhere! They enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their money is safe — and in the hands of people who want to see them thrive.

Members Drive Our Purpose — Here’s How We Give Back

Member benefits include ATM transaction rebates and cash back on qualified debit card purchases. You can also bank, borrow, insure, invest — even visit the DMV! — all in one convenient place.

Who Can Join?

See if you qualify to become a credit union member …and start the next step of your financial future!

What’s New With Nutmeg State?

See our upcoming events, and read the latest news for members and partners.