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Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit

Payroll Deduction

With Payroll Deduction, you can put a portion of your paycheck toward loans and split your payments according to your pay period. Automatically withdraw funds from your regular paychecks and never miss a payment again!

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit of your paycheck to your Nutmeg accounts can be arranged with your employer’s payroll department. You can allocate funds to other accounts (including separate savings accounts or loan payments) at no charge!

With Direct Deposit,

  • Your funds will always be there when you need them.
  • Your checks will always be deposited even when you’re away from home.
  • Your paychecks will be protected against loss or theft.
  • You won’t need to make special trips to credit union branches or stand in long lines on pay day.
  • You can earn interest on money as soon as it’s deposited into an interest-bearing account.

Setting up Direct Deposit is easy! Contact your employer or human resources department to get started.

For more information about Direct Deposit, please contact us.