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For All Life’s Moments

…You Belong With Us.

Why Nutmeg State?

We Are Committed To The Success Of Our Members

Financial institutions play a significant part in so many of our life’s moments and Nutmeg had been there for nearly 100 years of those moments.

We have been providing financial products and services to our communities since 1936, reinforcing the trust and credibility we have earned.  In addition, here are some other great reasons why you belong with us;

  • We provide the financial services necessary to help you realize many of the milestones you’ll enjoy throughout your life, like your first checking or savings account, credit card, car, home, and many more.
  • We build relationships with our members through the products, services and personalized attention we provide.
  • We are a Not-For-Profit organization, our profits are handed down to you in the form of great rates, flexible terms, low or no fees,  and other benefits.
  • We offer Products with a Purpose to assist the underserved and provide programs to help individuals get the break they need to become financially independent, like our HOPE and Working Wheels programs.
  • We’re focused on providing an inclusive environment of diversity and belonging.  Nutmeg State is here to help everyone achieve financial prosperity regardless of their current financial status.
  • Our member employees are guided by our shared core values of responsibility, engagement, integrity and empathy.
  • We’re local, but regardless of your distance from us, we are accessible through our digital connections so you can  bank from anywhere.

If you have a moment please take the time to watch our video presentation,

For All Life’s Moments.