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New LIQUID Savings CD!

4% APY*  15 Months


Penalty FREE withdrawals

Minimum Balance $5,000**

Unlimited deposits***
from your Nutmeg Checking Account

Home Improvement 90 Day Deferred Payment*

See how sweet banking in your community can be.

Community focused and community involved: Nutmeg State is here for our members and invested in their future. We’re more than a bank. We’re your partner. We want your financial goals to become reality.

Open an Account

Open the account you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

Apply for a Loan

Borrow with someone who’s invested in you.

Here for Every Moment That Matters

Saving up? Buying a home? Starting a business? Looking to advance to the next step of your financial future? We’re here to give you the services and expertise you need to grow.

Banking With No Wires Attached

We’re a credit union without boundaries. Open an account 100% online, and bank from anywhere with the Nutmeg State Mobile App.

Download Our App

Take control of your Nutmeg Debit and Credit cards with our Card Manager App!

Manage your cards securely and hassle-free with these great features:

  • Turn your cards on and off
  • Set spending limits
  • Convenient location controls (great for vacation!)
  • Receive purchase alerts
  • Easy receipt and spending organization
  • And so much more!

Download the Nutmeg Card Manager App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to get started!

Get in the Driver’s Seat. We’ll Give Directions

Set yourself for financial success, not just for you but also for future generations. Our financial guidance is ready to help you make all the right moves. Your legacy starts today.

Prosperity for All

As a not-for-profit credit union, we are able to offer unique financial services and programs to people traditionally underserved by for-profit banks. Our goal is to support our members and their families to build multigenerational prosperity.

Working Wheels Program

We are committed to helping families thrive. For many, this means having a reliable way to get to work. If you’re struggling to get there and need a car, we can help. Our Working Wheels Car Ownership Program is designed to help struggling families make the drive!

HOPE Program

Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union’s HOPE program provides low income families the opportunity for first time home ownership. Nutmeg is helping families realize the dream of home ownership while strengthening their financial future. The HOPE program gives everyone the opportunity for a brighter future.

Like a bank, but better.

Like a bank, but better.

Our rates

8 Month Certificate of Deposit (CD)
24 Month Certificate of Deposit (CD)
4.00% %APY*
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