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Going green can also save you some green

May 26

Spending extended time at home over the last year served as inspiration to make design updates at the place that was now home, work, school, and vacation. Home renovation projects may vary in size and I imagine you, or someone you know, may be exploring more sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions to make your house more energy efficient and also reduce energy costs. There are many eco-friendly options that can help you save some money, promote healthy living for your family, and preserve the planet’s resources. And Nutmeg State FCU is here to help.

In partnership with the Connecticut Green Bank, Nutmeg State FCU is ‘going green’ with our Smart eLoans. This type of loan helps with financing options that cover renovations such as:

  • Installing solar roof panels
  • Converting from oil to natural gas
  • Upgrading to dual-paned windows
  • Moving to an on-demand, tankless water heater system
  • Repairing a crumbling foundation

What makes a Smart eLoan so unique is that you aren’t required to borrow against your home or use the equity in your home. It’s a great opportunity to explore and install environmentally conscious options with as few barriers as possible. The renovations just need to reduce the energy costs for your home and/or produce clean energy on your property. And the best part: No money down with low-interest financing and flexible repayments terms up to 10 years. Zero percent interest financing is also available for households that meet the median income criteria.

We’re excited to be partners with CT Green Bank and proud to have helped over 800 Connecticut families renovate their homes while saving money and the planet. We encourage you to take advantage of our Smart eLoan and be a part of the movement to make our communities more environmentally sustainable – while saving some extra money in the process.

Apply today!

*Connecticut owner-occupied homes only. Maximum loan amount is $40,000. Other terms and conditions may apply

**Zero interest loan eligibility is determined as annual income below 80% of the average median income in Connecticut.

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