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Protect Your Identity This Holiday Season

December 14

Helpful Tips to Protect Your Identity This Holiday Season

As you finish your holiday shopping, please remember to be mindful of your personal information and purchases when using your credit and debit cards. It’s important to protect yourself against fraud and theft.

Be Vigilant

Monitor your credit and debit card activity. You don’t need to wait for your monthly statement to ensure your account is accurate. We have ways for you to access your information, 24/7.

  • Review each credit or debit card purchase in detail and check your monthly statement.
  • Start your day knowing how much money is in your account by reviewing your account on-line.
  • We recommend you set up e-Alerts including account balance alerts and transaction alerts. To do this, login into e-Banking, click on the e-Branch drop down, and choose e-Alerts. You can have these alerts sent to your mobile device via text, e-mail address or both.
  • Check your account virtually anytime, anywhere by downloading our Mobile App.
  • For added protection when using your debit card, elect to use your PIN over signature if possible.

Know How Hackers Think

Hackers can be very unsuspecting and can strike at any time. While you are making extra purchases this holiday season, be sure you are at trustworthy establishments and online sites.

Hackers can reach your information from anywhere. Many will try and make small transactions with your card to establish whether or not it is active. Once they verify these small transactions process successfully, they will often times make bigger transactions.

Each year, you are entitled to a free report from each of the credit bureaus. Take advantage of this benefit to ensure no major changes have taken place with your credit or score. For more information on this, or to learn more about our ID Theft Protection service, click here.

We Want to Help

Card fraud and theft are a very real threat, but with new security technology and active awareness of your information, the risks become much lower. Additionally, we have fraud detection systems in place that monitor your credit and debit activity to minimize any adverse effects on you. If your cards are used for a purchase that triggers an alert, you will be contacted by our Transaction Review Department and asked to verify the purchase. The caller will only ask that you confirm the amount and location of the purchase, no other personal information will be requested.

If you see any irregular or unauthorized activity, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to quickly research the issue, close your compromised card, and issue you a new one.

We are here for all your financial needs and want to help give you peace-of-mind this holiday season. Enjoy your celebrations and shopping!


John Holt
President & CEO