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The Year so Far: Our Accomplishments in 2020

July 10

Despite recent social and economic challenges, I am happy to report that the credit union has continued to provide an exceptional experience for all of our members. I’d like to take a moment today to quickly discuss what we’ve done in 2020 so far and what you can expect from Nutmeg for the rest of the year.

Early in the year, we faced unexpected challenges as a result of COVID-19. However, I am proud to say that we quickly adapted and took significant steps to keep our members informed. In addition to remaining open as an essential business, we released detailed safety information on our website about contactless payment methodsonline scam protection and more. We also began hosting online webinar sessions to educate our members about the benefits of relief options like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which has been especially helpful for our business members. Since the pandemic began, we have provided hundreds of businesses with PPP funding. We will continue to help our members and local businesses as similar resources become available.

During the pandemic, we also made significant developments to our online appointment scheduler. As you know, we created the appointment scheduler with custom technology to allow members to schedule their branch visits in advance. This was originally just for our DMV Express locations in Milford and North Haven. However, we extended this convenience to all our locations when we made the decision to remain open by appointment only. Our members quickly adapted to this service and have continued to rely heavily on it to schedule their branch visits even after we reopened to unscheduled visitors. This success is another step in the right direction for us as we continue to develop technology to enhance your experience.

In addition to quickly upgrading our online appointment scheduler, we plan on introducing exciting new technology later this year. With the help of our subsidiary DaLand CUSO, we will be upgrading all our online and mobile self-service platforms. This will include significant enhancements for both our business banking and consumer banking users. We are currently preparing to release this new platform to our commercial users, who will be able to access a variety of new and convenient features. I am confident that this evolution will make a positive impact on the way we all bank, especially for businesses that are now relying more on digital options as a result of COVID-19. You can expect to hear more about these exciting technology developments in the year to come.

As we continue to prepare these technology developments for the rest of 2020, the state of Connecticut has started to reopen businesses. I am happy to report that the credit union is more than prepared to meet your needs in this changing environment. While we are continuing to offer appointments, our locations have also returned to normal hours of operation with the necessary measures in place to protect your health. For a full list of safety precautions, I encourage you to visit the COVID-19 Resource Center on our website. We are deeply committed to keeping your branch visits easy and convenient while ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

We are also preparing to make significant upgrades to our branch footprint. You have probably heard me say many times before that building retail partnerships is a key component of our strategy. In the coming year, we plan on expanding in this area by upgrading our locations in West Hartford and Glastonbury. Renovations are already underway at our West Hartford location to include space for Good Cause Gifts, a successful retail store offering gifts, clothing, accessories and more. In Glastonbury, I am also excited to announce that we will be sharing the building with AAA and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Like our locations in Milford and North Haven, the Glastonbury location will soon offer DMV Express services as well as services offered by AAA. You will be able to do your banking and take advantage of all these great services in the same place! These are very exciting developments that will change your in-person banking experience in 2020.

Later in the year, we are also planning on opening brand-new locations to expand our reach in Connecticut. You can expect to see significant developments with additional retail partnerships to diversify your experience. More information about these upcoming changes will be communicated soon.

Even at just halfway through the year, we have already made significant strides in technology and branch development. I am excited to bring these new services to you in the year to come and hope you and your families remain safe. This is a challenging time, but know that the dedicated team at Nutmeg is here for you and will continue to help with all your banking needs.


John Holt
President & CEO