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Notice to e-Alerts users with text alerts: if you change your phone service to a new provider, you will need to update your cell phone information in e-Banking. This also applies if you change your e-mail address.

Staying on top of your finances is easy with our free e-Alerts service. Receive convenient notifications for almost any type of account activity!

What are e-Alerts?

e-Alerts are short, sweet notifications you’ll receive whenever something happens on your account. You can customize them too! Have an e-Alert for when your account balances shift beyond a certain amount or when your paycheck is automatically deposited. The possibilities are endless!

More, more and more e-Alerts you can receive:

  • Payroll & ACH Deposit Notice: when an automated deposit gets posted to your account.
  • Mature CD Notice: when your CD is about to mature.
  • Low Balance Notice: when your balance gets low or reaches a specified amount.
  • Insufficient ACH/Checks Funds Notice: when you don’t have enough in your account to clear ACH transactions or checks.
  • Transaction Limit Notice: when there’s a transaction that costs more than your specified limit.
  • Withdrawal Notice: when a withdrawal is made via ATM or automatic payments.
  • Loan Payment Notice: when a loan or credit card payment is overdue.
  • Privilege Pay Notice: when you’ve used Privilege Pay Overdraft Protection on your checking account.
  • Insufficient Funds Notice: when a check/ACH payment has been returned as a result of unavailable funds in your account.
  • Regulation D Notice: tracks and informs you of your remaining monthly automatic withdrawals/transfers (six per month). Applies to savings and money market accounts.

Enrolling for e-Alerts

To enroll for e-Alerts, you must be registered for e-Banking and have a valid e-mail address on file. While logged in to e-Banking, navigate to the “e-Alerts” page through the “e-Branch” menu to begin.

Sign up for e-Alerts and you’ll never wonder what’s happening with your account again! Click here to get started.

For more information about e-Alerts, contact us.

e-Alerts is a completely free service. However, text message rates may apply depending on your provider.