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e-Banking Gets a Facelift

May 11

Our E-Banking Gets a Facelift

We have been talking about our technology upgrades for months. In order to prepare you, we have been giving you an overview of what to expect. We want the changes to be seamless. In this blog post, I will focus on e-Banking. As part of this upgrade, you will notice a new look and login process.

Fraud and identity theft are a concern. Therefore, it is important to ensure we have proper security controls in place to diminish risk. One way we will address this within the new system is to eliminate the security questions feature and require passcodes instead. A passcode is a unique combination of characters that is sent via e-mail, text or automated phone call when you log in to the system. If you choose the “Remember Computer” option, you will not have to utilize the passcode each time you login. However, you can opt to receive this passcode every time as an added layer of security.

Logging into the new e-Banking site will be just as easy as it has always been. The link will remain very visible on our homepage. The first time you log in, you will be prompted to enter your information. You will also be asked to choose a unique username and password. Your username cannot be the same as your member number. Your password can be the same as your old one as long as it meets the minimum requirements including use of letters and numbers. A detailed “how to” cheat sheet will be made available in all of our branches and on our web site.

The same services will be available within e-Banking including e-Statements, e-Deposits, e-Pay, and internal and external account transfers. Additionally, there will be new features such as financial management tools and a customizable dashboard that allows you to highlight key features within the system according to your needs. Quicken will also still be available; however you will need to deactivate the current connection to e-Banking and update to the new platform. We will provide more information and step-by-step instructions as we get closer to the upgrade.

Please remember we will close our branches on Friday, July 1 at 3 p.m. Our branches and e-Services will be unavailable throughout the entire July 4 weekend. We will resume normal business hours and online functions on Tuesday, July 5.

For more information about all our upcoming changes, click here to visit our Technology Upgrade Resource Center. This resource center is a work in progress and is constantly evolving as we have more information to report. Be sure to check back frequently for new information!

You can anticipate the same great service, but more streamlined and much faster! We are so excited about these changes and look forward to serving you even better. Thank you for banking with us!


John Holt
President & CEO