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  • January 18

    2016 – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

    In 2016, we made exceptional strides both as a credit union and within our industry. Our goal is always to better serve you through the expanded use of technology and through exceptional experiences. Continue reading about 2016 – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

  • December 14

    Protect Your Identity This Holiday Season

    As you finish your holiday shopping, please remember to be mindful of your personal information and purchases when using your credit and debit cards. It’s important to protect yourself against fraud and theft. Continue reading about Protect Your Identity This Holiday Season

  • November 4

    Nutmeg Branches of the Future

    Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and demanding of technology. Further, primed by the seamless personalization experienced from Amazon to Zappos, many have come to expect a similar experience at their credit union. As technology continues to advance, the demand for electronic services increases. This has also altered branch development strategies. Continue reading about Nutmeg Branches of the Future

  • September 6

    Newington Branch Closing – Effective 10/31/16

    As you all know, we regularly research our branch presence throughout the state and evaluate locations as needed. Easy access and convenience are always top-of-mind. We are always considering new ideas, new locations, new strategies and new technology. Continue reading about Newington Branch Closing – Effective 10/31/16

  • August 28

    Bank 24/7 at Your Convenience

    As technology continues to evolve, our goal is to ensure you are able to transact and interact with us at your convenience. We understand the need for instant banking access and that’s why we are investing significantly in the latest technologies. Statistics show that over 61% of Internet users and 35% of cell phone users utilize their personal devices for banking. This is why we continue to add more electronic services that are available to all members 24/7, through our web site and mobile app. Continue reading about Bank 24/7 at Your Convenience

  • July 25

    Post Technology Upgrades Update

    As you know, July 4th weekend we completed a major technology upgrade that included both internal and external systems. We planned this technology upgrade for over a year. Behind the scenes, we upgraded and changed our entire core processing system, and visible to you, we upgraded e-Banking, e-Pay, e-Deposits, Voiceline, our mobile app, and many of our other e-Services. Continue reading about Post Technology Upgrades Update

  • May 11

    e-Banking Gets a Facelift

    We have been talking about our technology upgrades for months. In order to prepare you, we have been giving you an overview of what to expect. We want the changes to be seamless. In this blog post, I will focus on e-Banking. As part of this upgrade, you will notice a new look and login process. Continue reading about e-Banking Gets a Facelift

  • April 7

    Annual Meeting President’s Report

    This past year was a year of growth and positive change at Nutmeg. We established a solid infrastructure that will position us to continue to exceed your expectations by offering products, services and technology that are focused on convenience and great experiences. Continue reading about Annual Meeting President’s Report

  • March 8

    Technology Upgrades Coming July 5, 2016

    By now you have heard that we will undertake the biggest technology upgrade in the credit union’s history this coming July. The launch of our new web site on March 1st was the first of many changes. Our new web site is easier to navigate and adjusts to any device you are using without compromising quality. It also has additional security enhancements. Continue reading about Technology Upgrades Coming July 5, 2016

  • February 1

    Technology Upgrades Coming July 5th

    The Credit Union is working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the biggest technology upgrade we have ever undertaken. We are starting with the launch of our new website this week. The site has easier navigation for all mobile or PC devices and a new look and feel, with all the same information you have come to rely on. Continue reading about Technology Upgrades Coming July 5th